Help! I Can’t Find the Bun – Part 2 (diary)

Dear Diary,

I got the surprise of my life today. I thought I was surprised when John proposed to me, but this knocked my socks off.

I walked into the lounge after work. John was home, sitting on the couch, TV off, looking solemn. My heart sank. He said, “We need to talk”… and my heart found a new, previously-unexplored depth to sink to.

But get this… he’s not having an affair. He didn’t get fired.

He wants to start trying for a baby.

I’m so excited. I’ve decided to start this journal to chart the conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood of our new family member. She or he can read through it later in life and know just what went on. I wish my mum had done this.

– Anna



  1. Hey! Me too! Good luck with everything!

  2. doh – that’s what you get for reading this backwards in tag surfer – I didn’t realise it was fiction. well good luck with your writing!!

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