Wingardium Leviosa

Monica put down the first Harry Potter book and thought hard. A wand? How about her wooden ruler? And a phoenix feather… aha! She dived under her desk and pulled out her treasure box. Near the top of the paraphernalia was an emu feather from home. She taped it along the length of the ruler, then picked up the book. She read carefully, brow furrowed. Any magic she’d done so far was in the heat of the moment, when she was majorly upset, and mostly accidental. But if she could just control it…

“OK!” she said out loud, “Time to give this a try!”

“Wingardium Leviosa!” She intoned firmly and carefully, pointing and flicking her homemade ‘wand’ at her teddybear.

Nothing happened. She sighed. She hadn’t really expected it to work… but she’d hoped. Oh well… if this was the closest she’d come to learning magic, she’d just have to keep at it, and maybe she’d work something out. Fictional book or no.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” she yelled at the teddybear, flourishing her ‘wand’ madly.

A spark jumped out of the ruler and fizzled on the desk. Huh. She put down the ‘wand’ and thought for a bit. What she’d had just then was a lot of frustration, and she’d put it into her shout. Right.

Monica concentrated on all the negatives of her life. Her three years of being the ‘stuck-up princess’ despite not being at all stuck-up, and not being able to help being a princess. The envy and dislike from other girls. The constant harassment from Grace and her ‘Bitch Patrol’. The jokes. The sneers. The taunts. The lack of REAL MAGIC…

WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!” she screamed at her teddybear, and smacked it with an angry wave of her wand. Nothing happened to the bear – but the Daniel Radcliffe poster behind it caught fire with a whoomph. Crap. She turned around and grabbed the glass of water from her bedside, and threw it at the poster. It burned merrily on, dropping bits of flaming paper onto the desk below.

Then the fire alarm sounded and the sprinklers came on. Daniel Radcliffe was soon a blackened, soggy mess.


“Wingardium Leviosa?” repeated Mrs Knightley, and buried her head in her hands. “Dear Lord, child, Harry Potter spells?” she started to giggle, slightly hysterical from the combination of childhood rebellion and ridiculousness facing her. She straightened.

“Do you know you could’ve burnt the school down?” she demanded, carefully keeping a straight face.

Monica nodded, downcast.

“It wasn’t supposed to be dangerous,” she said, “I just wanted to do magic!”

Mrs Knightley sighed. “Do you know we’ve had you muffled for years? Ever since that skunk incident? That’s why you haven’t been doing any magic, child. Although obviously the spellmakers never anticipated Latin from primary-schoolers…” she chuckled again. “Oh dear… I suppose we’ll just have to start your training a bit earlier, dear. It’s an advanced class, though, you’ll have to behave very well –

Monica nodded meekly. Inside, she was dancing.

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  1. Yay another episode 🙂

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