Bad Cop

A drugged sleep later, I open my eyes, ready to feast on the sight of the sex goddess in a uniform.

“Farrrk!” I swear, and close my eyes tight.


I crack open a lid.

Bloody crap. I’m not seeing things. A large, hairy male with a larger scowl is staring at me menacingly. I slap myself in the head, except I’m still restrained and I just manage to bang my wrist against the bed.

“NO. FUNNY. BUSINESS!” he says originally. Fuckwit.

“Sorry, sir,” I say humbly. “Ummm… why are you here?”

He stares menacingly again. Right. A talker. On the bright side, he’s not beating me up OR wrapping me in bubble wrap and chucking me in the river. So why’m I wishing he was?

I close my eyes. But now I know that he’s there, staring at me. Nah, I’m getting paranoid… he’s gonna be reading or sleeping or ogling the nurses or something. I crack open an eyelid – and he’s staring at me. Menacingly, of course.

“Would you mind calling a nurse, please, sir?” I ask in my best arse-licking voice, “I need to… ahh… pee.”

He sneers and motions toward my catheter bag.

“Oh, look at that!” I say pathetically, and sigh. I’m stuffed.


  1. Whoops!
    LOL poor Peter 😉

  2. Yeah, poor dude. But if he’s lucky, I might bring back the uniform-busting police siren 😀

  3. lmao!

  4. Bad luck Pete, he is.

    I can only wonder what he is charged with, or if he is simply a person of interest.

  5. Funny story my dear. I liek it because it was short AND sweet. I thnk that is a good way to do things. People get it quick

  6. I have read several now. What is the longest piece you ‘ve written. I want to taste a little more.


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