Nutter in the Class


There’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make a teacher’s life hell. Not a troublemaker. We learn how to deal with them eventually. Not even a herd of troublemakers. No, the one thing guaranteed to make a teacher’s life hell is a freak student.

They’re usually quiet and well-behaved and pleasant of speech. That’s the irony. One freak student in a class makes all the rest nuts, because they know that someone’s not knuckling under the group delusion and that makes them all uncomfortable. Uncomfortable? Ha – it’s like sitting on a patch of bindiis, if observation’s anything to go by.

What I mean by the ‘group delusion’ is that teen self-centred view that they are the centre of the universe, that they know exactly what’s going on, what’s important, who’s important.

Then we throw Tiger Lily into the mix. Um, yes, Tiger Lily. Her parents are typical country traditional Aussies, so the name must have a flashback to the 60s involved in its creation. I wonder what saved her from ‘Heavenly Hirani’ as well. Sheer dumb luck? Or maybe that would be too much even for a full-on 60s flashback.

Anyhow, Tiger Lily has always been quiet and shy. She seemed to look at the world with different eyes. And of course, she’s always been a target because of it. I didn’t have much to do with her until the beginning of this year. I can’t help wondering if this is all my fault.

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  1. Looks good 🙂

  2. You know, a freak student is the hardest to deal with.

    I like how you keep switching viewpoints so we can see how Tiger Lily’s recent lack of… sanity or guidance is affecting others.

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