Eleja’s Slave

I’ve got to admit that I hesitated for a while – even consulted with some mates – before publishing this story. Mostly because it’s solely a sex scene. But then, I wrote it because I found it an interesting exercise. The premise was a matriarchal culture, and the different attitudes – and methods – to sex which might occur. Frankly, the differences are probably the sole interesting feature of this piece – the characters are rather one-dimensional, the sex itself quite boring. Oh well. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you’re not wanting (or allowed) to read anything of an adult (ie sexual) nature – STOP READING NOW.


Eleja snapped her fingers.

“Bring me a man!” she demanded of her maidservant. The maidservant scuttled away to do her mistress’s bidding.


“You!” the maidservant commanded a slave in the harem. “To the baths – you’re filthy!” she curled a lip in disgust.

The slave clapped his friend on the back. The wrestling match had been close-fought, and he was sad to leave it unfinished. His friend bowed, and watched him go, sadness and envy playing across his face.

After a quick hot bath and dressing by the impatient handmaiden, he made his way to his mistress’ chamber.

“Hmmm…. that girl’s got nice taste!” she said, eyeing him speculatively. “She hasn’t been trying out the wares, has she?”

The slave blushed a deep crimson. His mistress chuckled and beckoned him closer.

“You’ll do,” she said, stroking a hand through his still-wet hair. “Take off that robe, you won’t be needing it here.”

The man turned an even deeper shade of red, but did as ordered. And then stood, frozen, as his mistress did the same thing. The male slaves were carefully sequestered for their mistress’ private use – he’d never so much as seen a naked woman before.

Eleja grinned as she saw the beginning signs of an erection – easier if they prepared themselves, she figured. She slid her arms around his waist and nibbled his newly-shaven jawline. He stood frozen, his erection the only sign of his growing arousal.

“Shy, too?” she chided. “Come to the bed!”

She laid him down on his back, and made herself comfortable next to him, propped on an elbow.

“Touch me here,” she said, pulling his hand to her crotch. “Gently… that bit’s sensitive, but full of pleasure. And here… just a finger, slide it in…” she bit her lip, not wanting to scare him with too much emotion. “See, that’s where your penis will go – not scary, is it?”

The slave shook his head obediently.

Her breathing quickened – dear God, this man was beautiful! And so shy…

She threw caution to the wind.

“Lie still!” she commanded, and straddled him. Figuring it was best done quickly, she thrust downward and enveloped him in one movement.

He cried out, loudly.

“Hush!” she said, covering his mouth with a hand. “It’ll hurt less, next time”

She rode him slowly for a minute, then gave herself up to the exhilaration. “Put your thumb there!” she said, pulling it into contact with her clitoris and continuing. A cry – remarkably similar to the slave’s, which she’d hushed – broke from her as she orgasmed.

She collapsed next to him on the bed, smiling happily. Gods, Manda knew how to pick them! Young, docile, gorgeous and with a huge – still erect, she noticed – penis. He was perfect.

The slave stared at her, uncertain.

“Now a good mistress,” she said, “like me… will sometimes do this for you, if you didn’t yet spray,”

She poured a small amount of oil into her palm, and slid it slowly up and down his erection until his eyes glazed and he grimaced, pained, and came.

“There, that feels better, doesn’t it?” she said. “It will get better, my little dove. Now go and wash yourself off, I want to sleep.”



  1. A very neat expose of the wrotten core of male pornography, demand without respect and certainly no love.

  2. An interesting take on a matriarchal structure and a harem. You did get some personality take on the characters, so it wasn’t flat.

  3. I want to know why that stuff always reads so much hotter to me when the genders are reversed? haha.

  4. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m just sitting here thinking that I read this and it does seem just really callous and cold (and I know that’s what you’re going for so it’s not a criticism.) But if I reverse the genders in my head the whole thing just “sounds” different. probably just my brain is warped.

    • LOL.

      I think most of us ARE warped 🙂 And that was pretty much what I was aiming to bring to the fore – the thought ‘shapes’ that we automatically accept and use, because we’ve learnt them all our lives. Whether someone challenges those ‘shapes’ as a result… *shrug* … I just like the idea that people might catch a glimpse of a whole ‘nother world where different meanings are attached to common acts.

      • hehe, You definitely achieved your motive there. It was like the same that we’re used to but totally flipped on it’s head. Very interesting as a social experiment. 😀

        I kept thinking when I was replying “Gah, she’s going to take this wrong,”

        I didn’t realize you were Naomi. If I had, I wouldn’t have worried you’d misread me, hehe.

      • LOL. I should have a photo up somewhere on the site, so people can recognise me from the little avatar thingy that follows me round the web 🙂

        I’m tempted to continue this story, but I’ll see if inspiration comes… ‘twould be interesting to keep flipping social norms, but it could get a little yawny.

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