Lucky Me – Caduceus Part 2

Seven's Tattoo

By Brian A. Lynch


I think about that name some more, and then I think about the look on Tre’s face. He’s worried. I can feel it. I can see the way his eyes think of tearing up.

What happened? He asks. What happened, Sev?

I don’t know. He said something, I forgot what happened for five minutes, and then I come to and he’s sitting next to me.

I don’t know. I just…blanked out. I tell him.

The name I remember stays with me. The last time I asked Tre about who I was, it looked like it hurt him. Like it broke his heart, having to break a promise that I can’t even remember. I think about that moment, and I can see little pieces of his heart, chipping away and falling to the ground.

So I lie. I, uh… felt dizzy. Too much karate, I guess. He gets a sheepish smile, and meanwhile I’m hoping he buys it.

C’mon, let’s go get you some food, alright? You probably missed lunch. He smiles, hugs me, and drags me indoors, with a concerned Adam following right behind him.


The new lunch is baloney sandwiches, crusts cut off, with a side of pickles and potato chips. Polly reaches around me and grabs some potato chips from the bag on the kitchen table, as Tre eats his sandwich and Adam reads some sports magazine.

Hey Adam, Polly says, don’t forget, rent’s due on the 1st, I still haven’t gotten your share yet, he grimaces over a column about hockey and says I gave you that money last week, it’s on your dresser – if you stopped looking in the damn mirror all the time, you would’ve seen that and a corner of his mouth picks up as he finds something funny about it. I’m busy adding potato chips to my sandwich.

Polly thinks, opens her mouth with recognition, Ohhhh, okay. Then that means that Miranda still hasn’t paid. Sev, I’m going to work, tell Miranda would you? She smiles at me and hugs me, Thanks babe, I owe you one, but before she leaves, she turns around completely and smacks her head with her hand.

I’ve seen Adam do that to ketchup bottles. Is she trying to get an idea out of her head?

Oh, totally forgot. My co-worker Vivianne’s having a hen party tomorrow night before her wedding, you need to be there. It’s gonna be kick-ass.

I chew a little. Sure.

Suhhhweeeeeet, she draws the word out. I don’t know why she does that, either. She should just say, “Sweet”.

With that, she says, Bye loves! And leaves.

Adam shakes his head. I can’t believe anybody’d even marry Vivianne, she’s such a bitch. He laughs. I feel bad for the guy.

Tre snickers, and I keep eating my sandwich. It’s crunchy now.



Later, I use Miranda’s computer. It’s nice, kind of shiny, but really black. I wish it was brighter, like sky blue or something.

I boot up the Internet, and go to Google.

There’s a box there. It says “search”.
I type in, one letter each time, A-N-D-R-E-Y. I click “search”.

Results: 13,400,000.

Not sweet.


Brian A. Lynch is a 23-year old writer from Pennsylvania. In his spare time, he enjoys reading comics, taking walks, and imagining what vampires would be like with Pennsylvanian accents.

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