Dead End


I sit at my computer, trying to work out where to go next in this investigation. Linda, thank God, has wandered off to torment Mike. The Melodrama Queen act has really been getting on my nerves.

Another irritating thing? Linda can access Mike just fine. Me? Limited, public contact only. And it’s not like he’s going to be too helpful right now, is it? Imagine us sitting in a visitation room with guards all around, chatting about where he hid the body.

Out of sheer boredom and lack of ideas, I open a browser window and type ‘find body of murdered girlfriend’ into Google. Lots of results describing gory murders of women by jealous boyfriends. Meh.

Just wait.

Jealous boyfriend.

Maybe the gay neighbours know something?


I knock on the front door of the house next door. It opens a crack almost immediately, and a wary bronzed face peers over the chain.

“Hi!” I say brightly, “I’m a mate of Mike’s, I’m helping him with a little problem?”

The face disappears with a scream, the door slams closed, and heavy footsteps recede fast.

That was not the reaction I expected.


Back home, I make myself a cup of coffee and settle down for a long hard think. Maybe it’s time to pin Linda down on exactly what happened.

Just as I’m draining the dregs, the phone rings. I pick up, and all I can hear is sobbing.

“Hello?” I say gently, wondering if this is another case about to happen.


It’s Mike. Oh well.

“What’s up, mate?”

“You’ve gotta get me outta here – or they’ll kill me, Trent, they’ll kill me!”

The line goes dead.

Huh. Looks like Mike is scared to die.



  1. I wonder if Mike will ever be forthcoming.

    He needs to be threatened more, I reckon.

    • Dunno. Mike’s an odd lad, isn’t he? And getting the truth out of him is like getting pineapple juice out of a stone… 😛

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