“You’ll never guess…” Sal whispered in Herry’s ear.

“Tell me!” Herry hissed urgently.

“Toma took me to a club downtown last night… everyone wore LINGERIE! You could see everything… some of them were in nothing! You could tell if…” – a pause to giggle – “they were bois or gois!”

Herry’s eyes went wide.

“What… tell with… everyone??? Fark, is that legal??”

“I don’t think so! Toma is such a laugh – shim’s so kinky!”

“So, what exactly did you see? Is your new lover boi or goi?”

Sal gasped and shoved Herry away, blushing furiously.

“You think we stripped off there? You – what do you think I am?” Sal looked aghast, “God, Herry, we just looked!”

Herry giggled. “You still don’t know, do you?”

“Hull, Herry, I’ve married people I wasn’t sure about!” Sal grinned, “I’m an old-fashioned sort – all cats are black in the dark!”

Herry sniggered.


Sal unlocked his door, walked inside, and motioned the door shut as he collapsed into a chair.

“Fork, what a day!” he said, sighing. “Butler! Vintage martini.”

His liquor bar produced a martini glass, complete with clear liquid and an olive. Sal sipped, loosened the collar of his worksuit and slowly relaxed.

A while later, martini finished, he pressed a button on the arm of his chair.

“Leave message for Toma,” he instructed, “Hi honey – wild night last night! Thanks for the fun, I had a great time. I’m wasted from work, so I’m going to have a quiet one – see you tomorrow night? How about we catch a game?”

He released the button, stood up and tossed the martini glass into the bin unit.

“Butler! Prepare sleep unit,” he instructed as he walked towards the sleep room.

A red light started to flash, and a beep sounded in time to the flashes.

“Oh, fork!” he swore, “Shite timing for a fault!”

Sal walked into the sleep room to check the unit. He stopped, and the blood drained from his face.

Toma lay on top of the sleep unit, tied to it by a wrist at each corner. Her genitals were uncovered, her breasts were unbound. The unit was soaked in blood, and Toma was very clearly dead.



  1. But did Sal enjoy the experience from the night before?


    • Dave, I think he was a little too shocked to do much except try to take it in… the only analogies I can think of today are a gay bar or swingers club – something enough outside of a person’s experience that they have trouble processing it. 🙂

  2. Woah.

    I wouldn’t want to come home to that. o_O

    Is the butler like, a computer?

    • The butler IS a computer – or maybe robot is closer. It can serve drinks, food – standard sci-fi filler there 🙂

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