I’m sitting in a spa bath with three other people, all of us naked, all of us downing shots of vodka and bourbon. We’re all getting drunker and drunker, and friendlier and friendlier. Linda rests her head on Geordie’s shoulder and slides her hand over his chest.

“Geordie baby, are you completely gay, or do you swing a little?”

“OH you naughty girl!” he squeals, “I’m all Laz’s, darlin’!”

She looks over to Laz and grins, raising an eyebrow.

“Mind if I give him a test?”

Lazarus looks at Geordie, who shrugs a little and smiles.

“Only if I get to test out your hunk, honey!”

She blows me a kiss.

“Oh, Mike’s all mine… but I’m happy to lend him out… you need his leash on?”

Lazarus whistles and Geordie giggles and I blush.

“I think I can handle him, honey… what do you think, sexy-legs?” he purrs, turning to me and slipping a hand further up my leg.

I shrug and wonder what I should be doing to stay in character. Probably keep acting shy, I think, but fuck it – I’ve been wanting this piece of arse for months. I draw back a little only to pounce, tangling his legs with mine to dunk him underwater, with me on top of him. I pull him up against my chest, and he spits out water and laughs.

“Linda, I think I should’ve asked for his leash!”

Linda’s not listening, though. She’s in mid-snog with Geordie.

A few minutes later I’m in a world of bliss until Linda calls my name and Lazarus punches me in the groin, straight up into my prostrate. It hurts like fucking hell and I scream and curl into a ball, wondering why Lazarus is so suddenly pissed with me. Then I wake up and I’m in jail again, and Linda is standing by my bed, smirking.

“What’s the matter, lover? Did I wake you from a nice dream?”




  1. now I’m really starting to hang out for the next installment!

  2. Good stuff. Naomi


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