Jessie woke up feeling good. She froze, unaccustomed to the feeling and panicked that it would go away. The light shining in her window didn’t stab through her eyes into her brain. Her body wasn’t full of aches and pains screaming for her attention like a bunch of kids in the back seat of mummy’s car. She lay still and basked in the warm glow of restedness.

A few peaceful minutes later, she started gingerly moving fingers and toes, then whole limbs. They were stiff and a little achey, but a huge improvement over every wakeup in recent memory. She stretched, and a wound at her neck pulled.

“Ow!” she said, grimacing. Oh well, one pain made the rest being gone seem real.

Breakfast lay on the table at her feet – clearly the kitchen staff had come and decided not to wake her.

“Two miracles in one day?” she murmured to herself, “What next, the Easter Bunny?”

“I do have chocolate…”

She swung her head around, and cried out.

“Dammit, Trent, my neck’s killing me, you bastard!”

Trent grimaced apologetically, and walked in.

“Sorry, Jessie. If it helps…” he brought a box from behind him, “They’re really nice chocolates…”

Jessie laughed.

“OK, you’re forgiven. Now, I need to have brekky…” she took the lid off the largest bowl and sighed. “Cold porridge. And, hey, look,” opening the next one, “peaches! I hate peaches. Fine. Chocolate for breakfast. Did you bring coffee?”

“Uh huh. Cappuccino, three sugars. Good?”

“Perfect. You’re a doll.”


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