Sex in Church



“Why avoid sex before marriage?”

“Because God wants us to have sex only with people we’re married to?”

“And we get this from?”

“Don’t commit adultery.”

“What’s adultery?”

“Sex with a married person not your spouse.”

“Am I the only one who sees a flaw in that logic?” I demand, sitting up.

“Oi!” protests Mark. His head had been resting on my stomach.

Then Mark sits up too, and looks hard at me.

“What’s with the sudden fascination with sex?” he asks.

“I’m a teen,” I say, getting embarrassed because – I just realised – I’m talking about sex with a boy, “Aren’t I supposed to be thinking about it?”

“Not if you’re a good little christian girl, apparently.”

“But good little christian boys can’t help it?”


I look around for something to throw, but I’ve got nothing. I settle for thumping the grass next to me.

“It’s just – I never really thought much about what we learn at church, you know? Just accepted what they told me cos it seemed to make sense. And then you start talking about ‘what if I was gay’ and stuff, and they do a youth group session like last night’s which is full of – of crap! – and suddenly I can’t see the sense anymore. It’s all – stupid!”

Mark sighs.

“Yeah, it is.” he says, and flops back down onto his back.

“Thanks a bunch, mate. No wisdom? No bible verses?”

“Nup. I got nothing.”


Mark grins suddenly.

“Hey, this whole sex preoccupation isn’t because of a new thang, is it?”


“You don’t have a crush on some tower of studliness at school? At church?”

I laugh. The guys I know at school play footy, wear their school trousers as far down their bums as they dare, and act like undiluted arsehole. The guys at church are – prissy. Good. Cotton-wooled half to death. They wince if I say ‘shit’ and God only knows what they’d have done if they’d seen me on the train that day I met Mark. They’d probably make the sign of the cross whenever they saw me and pray for me lots. Umm… yuk?

“That’s crazy talk!”

Mark snorts.

“Nah – it’s just – no-one really does it for me yet, that’s all.”

“Mmm – I feel your pain.”

“You do? Cos I know you certainly float someone’s boat!”

Mark rolls his eyes and sighs theatrically.

“It’s hard being a sex god!”

I can’t help it. I burst into laughter, and every time I look at his pouting face I laugh harder.

“You don’t think I’m sexy?” he asks, semi-seriously.

I get myself under control by biting my tongue till the pain stops me laughing.

“You’re sexy dressed emo, if that helps? But hey, half my class are drooling over you, isn’t that enough?”

“Really? Who?”

“I think your latest conquest is Lisa…”

“Oh God… she’s like a mouth on legs!” he wails.

“Poor boy,” I mock, sniggering.


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